• Looking for computer recycling or hard drive shredding? Bring your items to our Walford or Des Moines computer recycling facility to have your electronics properly recycled and your data destroyed.

    Midwest Electronic Recovery is Iowa's largest computer recycler and hard drive shredding / data destruction company. You can trust us with all of your computer recycling needs.

    Computer Recycling and Hard Drive Shredding

  • Our mission regarding handling e-waste is simple:
       Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
    The e-waste that enters our doors has one of two features: either it is refurbished for resale as computer equipment, or it is demanufactured for transportation to an industrial facility for material reclamation.

    Computer Recycling and E-Waste Disposal

  • We operate a mobile onsite truck-mounted electronic media shredder to destroy large and small organizations' data on-site.
    Utilizing a 3/4ths in shred pattern, we physically destroy hard drives, tapes, CD's, floppies, and more.

    On Site Hard Drive Shredding Now Available

  • We are one of the handful of computer recyclers which are able to demanufacture cathode ray tubes at our own facility.
    Our state-of-the-art CRT recycling system allows us to safely break down CRTs for glass and metal recovery. Our process insures that dangerous materials are properly recycled.

    Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitor Recycling

  • Midwest Electronic Recovery is the largest computer recycling facility in Iowa and one of the largest in the Midwest. We accept all electronics, computers, and electronic related accessories such as external devices and cables.
    A sample of the items we accept include desktops, laptops, servers, mainframes, printers, CRT monitors, TV’s, general electronics, VCR’s, DVD Players, Stereos, and more.

    Walford and Des Moines IA Computer Recycling

  • Are you a small business or corporation looking for onsite computer recycling pickup at your location?
    Midwest Electronic Recovery is Iowa's largest computer recycler. Contact our Walford or Des Moines facility for more information.

    Computer Recycling Pickup Service

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Confidential Testimonials

Senior IT Manager

Company of 1000 or more
Midwest helped us complete a full server refresh in our datacenter. It would have taken us weeks to complete the task with our staff at hand.

Small Business Owner

Company of 10 to 50
We were able to get rid of all of our old Windows 98 computers and CRT monitors that were in storage for years. Thanks!

Asset Manager

Company of 5000 or more
We moved one of our call centers from one location to another a few years back. Without Midwest's help disposing of our old assets we would have been overbudget and undermanned. They really work hard to get the job done on time and efficiently.

Walford, Iowa: (Cedar Rapids)

Midwest Computer Brokers

100 3rd St. North

Walford, IA 52351

  • Business: (319) 845-2000
  • Tech/Recycling: (319) 845-2001
  • Store: (319) 845-2075
  • Fax: (319) 845-2002
  • Email: Info@ewasterecycle.com

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Clive, Iowa (Des Moines):

Midwest Electronic Recovery

7420 University Ave, Suite A

Clive, IA 50325

  • Main Office: (515) 226-9990
  • Second Line: (515) 226-9994
  • Fax Line: (515) 226-8899
  • Hours: 8:30AM – 5PM M-F
  • Hours: Closed Saturdays

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